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Downey School system has been selected by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, the creators of our CHARACTER COUNTS! program, to pilot short school announcements (about 90 seconds) consisting of commentaries by Michael Josephson.

Patterned after his long-running award-winning radio commentaries, these CHARACTER COUNTS! essays will be tailored to inspire our middle and high school students to think more deeply about and discuss the ethical dimension of important issues in their lives.

Michael met with student leaders at both of our high schools inviting them to provide feedback and suggestions to help him improve the series prior to a nationwide launch this August. Our students seemed proud to play this role and, after hearing a sample commentary, they expressed their belief that the CHARACTER COUNTS! announcements would be well-received by their peers.

Audio podcasts and the transcripts of the commentaries will be available in three ways:

1) at the Michael Josephson What Will Matter website (

2) in a special Michael Josephson What Will Matter app for smart phones

3) by subscription to an iTunes podcast.

All of these may be accessed through
Listen to the Commentaries
Intro to School Commentaries
Is This Generous Or Dumb?
Leadership On A Bus
I Just Have to Outrun the Bear