Stmt. of Purpose/Focus, Organization Development: Lang. & Elaboration of Evidence Conventions
Statement of Purpose/Focus Organization  Evidence  Language & Vocabulary

The response is fully sustained and consistently and purposefully focused:

  controlling idea or main idea of a topic is focused, clearly stated, and strongly maintained


  controlling idea or main idea of a topic is introduced and communicated clearly within the context
  addresses topic, but may not respond to all tasks misunderstands or does not respond to all part of topic confused about topic or neglects important aspects of task
shows a generally accurate understanding of readings in a reasonable response shows a limited understanding of assigned readings in weak response shows very poor reading comprehension; uses sources inappropriately or not at all
3 The response is adequately sustained and generally focused:

focus is clear and for the most part maintained, though some loosely related material may be present

some context for the controlling idea or main idea of the topic is adequate

shows some depth & complexity of thought basic analysis but may treat topic repetitively lacks focus, sometimes fails to communicate ideas, or has weak analysis lacks focus & coherence; often fails to communicate ideas
coherently organized, ideas well-supported w/ cited evidence, reasons, examples, & elaborations well-organized, ideas supported w/ cited evidence, examples, & elaborations adequately organized, generally supported w/ evidence, examples,  & some elaboration poorly organized & developed; generalizations w/o support or details w/o generalizations very weak organization, poor development, little support


effective, fluent style, sent. variety, clear command of language some sentence variety & facility in language adequate control of sentence structure & language limited control of sentence structure & language inadequate control of sentence structure & language
consistently adheres to MLA formatting, fluidly negotiates intro's to authors & works, seamlessly applies inline citations &  works cited. apart from minor mistakes, adheres to MLA formatting,  negotiates between authors & works effectively, includes inline cit. & works cited. adequately adheres to MLA, demonstrates correct author & work intro's, inline citations, & works cited, though mistakes remain to be addressed limited adherence to MLA; author & work intro's, inline citations & works cited mistakes are more serious. inadequate adherence to MLA, author & work intro's unclear or inconsistent; inline citations & works cited missing or done poorly


generally free from errors in grammar, mechanics, & usage may have a few errors in grammar, mechanics, & usage may have some errors, but shows control of grammar, mechanics, & usage accumulation of errors in grammar, mechanics, & usage interfere with meaning numerous errors in grammar, mechanics, & usage frequently interfere w/ meaning