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Additional Books and Textbooks:

Period Name Title / #
1 Bernice Aguilar The Great Gatsby
Vanessa Sampson Ceremony
Giovanni Sanchez Steve Jobs
  Fernando G. Maxwell and King
  Isaac Chavez returned
Alfredo Santana Gatsby
  Natalia Castellanos Gone to Soldiers
  Catia Esqueda Hiroshima
  Gretchen Huckleberry Finn

Kelly Walsh

Book 1: Game of Thrones
  Pedro Guillen The Old Man and the Sea
Jehe Mendoza The Chosen
Fernando Gonzalez A Separate Peace
Dalilah Hudson Angela's Ashes
Jabari Hughes Interception
Uriel Villa DMV
3 Marizza Vazquez  
Angel Contreras The Chocolate War
Daisy Quevedo DaVinci Code
  Kris M. Game of Thrones 1 & 2
Tanya Prairie Nocture
Raymond Coronel Great Expectations
  Matthew Perez returned
Sergio Mendoza  
  Madeline G.  
Dustin A Separate Peace
Michael Breakfast of Champions
Alexis Palencia The Chocolate War
Chris Nickelson returned
Brandon Martinez King and Maxwell
Marcos Cervates returned
Eduardo Campos  
6 Adrian Perez HP #1
Darlene Navarro returned
Edward Hunger Games
Ullyses Cabrera HP#3
Bernal Sorcerer's Stone
Damian Romero The Goldfinch
Jason Ramirez PJ#1: The Lightning Thief
Adrian G Famous All Over Town