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Additional Books and Textbooks:

Period Name Title / #
1 Bernice Aguilar The Great Gatsby
Vanessa Sampson The Kite Runner
Giovanni Sanchez Night
Alfredo Santana The Hobbit
  Natalia Castellanos Famous All Over Town

Kelly Walsh

HP 7.: Hallows
Jehe Mendoza Great Expectations
Fernando Gonzalez Stay Close (Coben)
3 Marizza Vazquez I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Angel Contreras The Chocolate War
Daisy Quevedo  
Brandon Returned Anywhere but Here
  Raymond Coronel Ceremony
  Matthew Perez The Goldfinch
4 Jose Reimundez Wants Coban book: play dead returned
Jason Ramirez PJ#1: The Lightning Thief
Alexis Palencia The Chocolate War
Chris Nickelson Intercepted
6 Adrian Perez PJ #4
Darlene Navarro HP 1 Hardcover
Edward Hunger Games