Final Instructions
Silence electronics.  Put all devices in your book bag. They are not to be out at any time this period.


Sharpen pencils & load leads before test.  Pick up your answer sheet in the back.


Have lined paper, pen/pencil, erasers, etc. handy.


Check your test form to make sure you have received the correct form. the form field.


Multiple Choice: Use pencil. Do not leave blank answers!  Read closely and do your best. Some questions require multiple answers.  Think, reread, and choose carefully.


After you finish the multiple choice test, bring up your test & answer sheet and place in the correct piles.


Writing prompts: You may use your textbook, but not other notes.  Take your time and write well.  You may not be able to write all the answers, but I will evaluate what you give me.  Quality is better than quantity.  As I must read quickly, please be neat.  Return everything when time is called.

Note: You may start with any section of the written test, but follow directions!  Be sure to write the number of the question you are answering: 1.4, 2.3, etc.


If finished: study, rest, read from your reading book.  Do not talk or bother others—especially me.