1. Using the laws of circuit theory, solve for VT, RT, IT, IR1, IR2, and IR3 *You don't need my answers, you know these



2. Using the laws of circuit theory, solve for VT, RT, IT, VR1, VR2, and VR3*See #1



3. In 1993, a chocolate chip cookie was baked in Arcardia, CA. It contained about three million chips and was 10.7 m long and 8.7 m wide. Suppose four charges are placed in the corners of that cookie as follows: q1 = -12 nC at the lower left corner , q2 = 5.6 nC at the upper left corner, q3 = 2.8 nC at the upper right corner and q4 = 8.4 nC at the lower right corner. Find the electric force acting on q1. 1.28 x 10-8 N at 45 degrees N of E

4. Earth's mass is about 6.0 x 1024 kg, while the moon's mass is 7.3 x 1022 kg. What equal charges must be placed on Earth and the moon to make the net force between them zero? 5.7 x 1013C

5. California has been striving for all zero-emission vehicles on it's roads. In 1995, a street bus with a range of 120 km was built. This bus is powered by batteries delivering 600 V. If the circuit resistance is 4.4 ohms, how much charge passes through the circuit in 32 seconds? 4.4 kC

6. Pg. 657 #58 2 x 10-6 C

7. Pg. 686 #46 (a) 2.8 x 107 m/s (b) 6.5 x 105 m/s

8. Pg. 758 #46 (a) 14 ohms (b) 2 amps