Mr. Mallory’s Class Information


Dear Parent and Student,


    Doty Middle School is considered by the community to be an exemplary institution of learning. At Doty, every student has a right to learn and is capable of learning.  In order to achieve such learning, a positive, orderly, and studious environment is necessary.  Therefore, the following rules and consequences have been created and will be enforced:



1.    Be on time to class, prepared, and ready to work.

2.    No food, drink (except bottled water), or chewing gum is allowed in the classroom.

3.    Follow directions the first time.

4.    Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

5.    Use only appropriate student language.



1.    Warning

2.    Detention(s)

3.    Call home or send a letter home

4.    Referral to the Vice-Principal

5.    In-class suspension


    I believe that all students are capable of complying with the above rules.  If you have any questions, I can be contacted through the school at (562) 904-3586 or e-mail me at

    In my English 8 classes, my instruction centers around the California State Board of Education’s English-language Arts Content Standards (  Some of the assignments we complete each year include a research report; three district writing samples (personal narrative, response to literature, persuasive); spelling tests including spelling rules; grammar quizzes based on Cornell-style grammar notes; reading quizzes based on short stories, poetry, drama, and non-fiction essays read in class; writing poetry (haiku, limerick, sonnet, ode, elegy, epic, ballad, lyric); Accelerated Reader; writing business letters and friendly letters; working with the Reader’s Companion; Scrabble Day; Power Point presentations; diagramming sentences; and so much more!

    You can view my weekly classroom and homework assignments on this web site ( and the web site (